Google Chrome is going to block downloading files via HTTP

Google is going to block downloading via HTTP in Google Chrome. Google will implement this measured step by step.

Initially, Google Chrome 82 users will be warned when downloading files over HTTP. In Google Chrome 83, the Chrome version following version 82 files such as executables and APK files will be blocked when downloading over HTTP on an HTTPS website (mixed content downloads).

As a first step, we are focusing on insecure downloads started on secure pages. These cases are especially concerning because Chrome currently gives no indication to the user that their privacy and security are at risk.

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In Google Chrome version 84, Chrome also wants to block archive files such as iso and zip files. In Google Chrome version 85 PDF and Doc, Docx files, and lastly, in Google Chrome 86 – images, videos, and other media files.

chrome blocks http downloads

Source: Google blog


Google Chrome developers are calling on website administrators to entirely switch to HTTPS connections and make sure mixed content for Google Chrome 86 is resolved to prevent error messages in Google Chrome for the upcoming releases.

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