3 Proven Tips to Fix – Google Chrome is not responding error message

Google Chrome is not responding. It is a well-known notorious error message for many Google Chrome users. The problem often lies in external functionality that is added to Google Chrome, such as browser extensions. However, the problem can also occur when a specific website wants to execute a code which causes the Chrome tab to overload the CPU and therefore no longer responds. There are several causes for Google Chrome is not responding error.

Fortunately, there are also several proven solutions to solve the”Chrome doesn’t respond” problem. In this instruction, I present several tips to solve the problem that triggers the Google Chrome is not responding error.

google chrome is not responding

Google Chrome is not responding

Reset Google Chrome

There are two simple methods to restore Google Chrome to default settings. I’ll explain step by step how to reset Google Chrome. A full reset of Google Chrome will restore the following Google Chrome settings.

Default search engine is set to Google, the Chrome homepage, tabs, new tabs, and pinned tabs are restored. Google Chrome content settings are reset, including Chrome themes, browser extensions, cookies, and other site data.

Reset Google Chrome via Settings

Open Google Chrome, in the address bar type: chrome://settings/resetProfileSettings

reset chrome settings

Alternatively, you can open the Google Chrome menu. In the menu open Settings, scroll down to Advanced and click “restore settings to their original defaults”.

Reset Google Chrome by renaming the Chrome folder

Close all Chrome processes (windows) before renaming the Chrome folder. Open the File Explorer in the navigation-bar type: %LocalAppData%\Google\

rename chrome folder

Rename the Chrome folder to Chrome-backup and start Google Chrome.
If you can’t rename the folder because the Chrome process is in use, type: chrome://settings/ in the address bar, scroll down to Advanced. Open the Advanced settings and uncheck “Continue running background apps when Google Chrome is closed”.

Close Google Chrome and try renaming the Chrome folder once again.

Create a new Google Chrome profile

Installing a new profile to Google Chrome can solve many problems. You can later remove the profile that is causing the “Google Chrome is not responding” problem.

Open Google Chrome, click on the user icon in the right top corner and click on Manage People from the menu.

google chrome user profile

Click the “Add person” button in the lower right corner.

google chrome add person

Enter a new name, select a fancy icon and click the “Add” button.

add new person to chrome

Google Chrome has created a new profile.

These are the most effective methods to solve the problem that Google Chrome no longer responds.

Alternative ways to fix Google Chrome is not responding

If you don’t want to reset your Chrome web browser and don’t want to add a new profile, you can perform a virus scan with Chrome, close an unresponsive tab with Chrome taskmanager or remove Google Chrome browser extensions.

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