Google chrome keeps crashing – How to Fix?

Whatever you do, Google chrome keeps crashing? Whenever you start Google Chrome or when you visit a website, Google Chrome crashes and shuts down unexpectedly. There are many reasons why Google Chrome is not working. It might be due to a computer process that closes Google chrome upon launch or a misconfigured Chrome browser configuration, even a Google Chrome browser extension.

In this article, I provide you with a few fixes that can resolve Google Chrome keeps crashing error. The first fix is starting Google Chrome in another compatibility mode, for example, Windows 7 compatibility mode when you are on Windows 8 or Windows 10. The second fix is to rename Google Chrome (chrome.exe file). The third is to rename a Google Chrome folder and the fourth fix is to download and install Chrome canary.

I hope one of these fixes will resolve Google Chrome crashes for you. Let’s begin!

Google chrome keeps crashing

Find the Google Chrome shortcut on your Windows desktop. Right-click the Chrome shortcut and click on Properties.

google chrome shortcut properties

Click on the tab: Compatibility. Check the “Run this program in compatibility mode for” and select Windows 7 or Windows 8, try both.

Click on Apply and the OK button.

google chrome compatibility

Now try to start Google Chrome. Didn’t work? Try the next fix.

Right-click the Google Chrome shortcut once again. Click on: Open file location.

google chrome open file location

Find the Chrome.exe file, right-click the Chrome.exe file and click on Rename.

rename chrome file

Rename the Chrome.exe file to Chrome_temp.exe (temporary).

open chrome file

double click on Chrome_temp.exe to see if Google Chrome is starting. If it does, Google Chrome does not crash any more during start-up. Right-Click the Chrome_temp.exe and click on Send to, then on Desktop (create shortcut). Use this shortcut to Google Chrome to start Chrome.

chrome shortcut

Doesn’t work? Try this.

Open Windows Explorer. In the Windows Explorer type: %LocalAppData%\Google

localappdata chrome

Click on the folder: Chrome. Rename the Chrome folder to Chrome_temp.

rename chrome folder

Now restart Google Chrome, does it work?

If it still not working download and install Chrome Canary.

Google Chrome canary

Thank you for reading!

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