Google Chrome can give webapps access to local file system

Google introduces new functionality that allows web applications to access the local file system after permission from the user. The new functionality allows Google Chrome to read and write files on the operating system.

google chrome logoThe functionality works with the Native File System API. Before the Native File System API can read and write files, users must first permit Google Chrome each time the web browser starts.

When developing the API, Google used the standard dialogues and window/screens as known to the operating system. Google has paid much attention to the design on how to manage the files.

Google has also paid extra attention to security. It is not possible to create files in system folders, and existing files can only change with the user’s permission.

The permission to manage files must be granted by the user each time the Google Chrome web browser starts the web application.

To test the new functionality, users must install the Google Chrome beta version, known as “Origin Trials.”

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