How to Fix: Google Chrome is Not loading any websites

In this article, I will help you solve the problem with Google Chrome not loading any websites.

There are many reasons why Google Chrome won’t load any websites, this might be a conflict with software, such as Firewall software or Antivirus software, but also corrupt Google Chrome settings.

You should only apply these instructions when other web browsers do load websites, you can try by starting Internet Explorer or Edge and see if one of these browsers load webpages. If other browsers load websites successfully the problem might be in Google Chrome and these instructions will solve the problem.

How to Fix Google Chrome is Not loading any websites

The first step is to stop the CryptSvc – Cryptographic services in Windows Task Manager. Open the Task Manager by right-clicking the start button and open Task Manager from the menu.

task manager google chrome

In Task Manager open tab: Services, search for the Cryptographic services (CryptSvc) right-click and Stop the service.

Note: you might want to verify if the service is restarted after reboot, we need it later. Right-click on CryptSvc, click Open Service, find the service in the list and double-click on it to open the service. In the startup-type make sure the setting is set to: automatically. 

cryptsvc - cryptographic services stop

Next, go back to the start button, right-click on it and enter: regedit in the Run box.

open regedit windows

In the registry editor, navigate to the following: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\SystemCertificates

right-click the Root folder and click delete, you might see an error “error while deleting key”, you can ignore the error.

remove root folder regedit

Once you deleted the root folder, restart your computer.

When you restart the computer the Cryptographic Services is automatically restarted, remember? The services we stopped at the beginning of this instruction.

After the computer restart see if the Google Chrome web browser now loads websites successfully.

google chrome fixed

Thank you for reading.

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