Google might stop trackingcookies in Chrome within two years

In a blog post on the Chromium Blog, Justin Schuh (Director Chrome engineering) announces that tracking cookies may no longer be supported in Google Chrome within two years.

google ads logoPersonalized advertisements would then be a thing of the past. Justin Schuh points out that users demand more and more privacy from their favorite browser, and Google Chrome is taking a good step towards more transparency and control over what happens to user data in Google Chrome.

As an alternative to tracking cookies, Google Chrome could assess the interest of the user itself. The Google Chrome browser itself could determine what the user finds attractive instead of using tracking cookies on external servers.

Other web browsers have already preceded Google and have blocked tracking cookies in their browser, including Firefox and Safari. Google proposes to take time to block tracking cookies because it could potentially have – unintended negative – consequences for the way in which advertisements based on interest are now shown to Chrome users.

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