Google Chrome Task Manager – Did you know Chrome has one?

By | March 7, 2018

Google Chrome is a handy browser and how you work with it is self-explanatory. However, there are also Chrome features that are not so obvious and therefore not known to everyone. One of those features is the Google Chrome Task manager for Microsoft Windows and Mac OS.

Open Google Chrome Task Manager for Windows

The Google Chrome Task Manager could be useful if a browser new tab is using too many processes, or a Microsoft Support Scam is bloating the Chrome’s memory or CPU power in the browser. Not only the title Task Manager is the same as in the Windows component, the task manager feature is also identical. More specifically using the Task Manager in Google Chrome, you can see how much memory and processor power certain Web pages and browser extensions use in Google Chrome.

Open Chrome task manager with shift and esc on the keyboardUsing the Chrome task manager you can easily identify which browser extension or webpage your system is excessively abusing the Chrome browser. This process can be terminated directly from the task manager screen, just as in the Task Manager for Windows.
You can open the Chrome Task Manager using the hotkey Shift + ESC.

Press the two buttons at the same time to open up the Chrome task manager. The task manager is very useful and many people don’t know about it. They might shut down Google Chrome entirely using the windows task manager which is in some cases not necessary.
google chrome task manager

The Task Manager for Google Chrome includes 5 tabs with chrome process information. The first one is the Task, call it a name, it’s an identification for the process.

The second tab Memory Footprint is the amount of memory the chrome task is using. The third tab is the amount CPU power the task is using the Chrome process.

The amount of CPU a task is using could be useful to detect recent new threat browsers face at this moment, browser/CPU crypto miners. The fourth tab, the network tab shows the live network data the process is using.

The last tab, the fifth tab is the Process ID, it’s a unique identifier for the Google Chrome task manager. In order to identify a process that is slowing down Google Chrome considerably, the user should look for memory footprint and the amount of CPU a task is using within Chrome.

Once the process is identified select the process from the Chrome task list and press the End Proces button in the right bottom corner. It’s that easy. If the process is a browser extension, remove the chrome browser extension from chrome using these instructions. For a complete cleanup from adware, browser extensions, browser hijackers or redirects in Google Chrome, follow these instructions.

Open Google Chrome Task Manager for Mac OS

Once Google Chrome is open, go to the menu, the three vertical dots in the top right corner of Google Chrome. Select from the menu “Developer” Tools > Task Manager.

Google Chrome task manager for Mac OS

The Chrome task manager for Chrome Mac OS works the same as the Task Manager for Windows. In case you want to shut down the Google Chrome browser completely on Mac OS. Use the following hotkeys CMD + ALT + ESC and Select Google Chrome from the list.

Is the Chrome browser causing problems on Mac OS? Such as browser redirects, unwanted advertisements or maybe slow?
Remove adware and clean up browser extension(s) from Chrome Mac OS.

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