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By | March 9, 2018

If you’re using Google’s Chrome browser, then you’re in luck. Not only do you have the fastest browser of all, but you also have the best in-browser free translation features at your disposal, straight from the Chrome browser.

I have summed up the best tips and tricks for Chrome web page or Chrome browser translation options for you.

Google Chrome powerful translation engine

Chrome page translation

Chrome offers the ability to translate web pages in an instant. Thanks to the powerful translation services of Google itself, you can translate a visited web page directly into your preferred language.

All you have to do is click the right mouse button on the web page and choose to translate the page into your language.

If it is a foreign page, you instantly get the option to translate the entire page, right from the menu.

google chrome translation engine

Chrome install extra languages for translation

As mentioned above, Chrome translates the selected text or webpage to the language in which you installed the operating system language by default.

However, it is also possible to display every website you visit in an entirely different language.

To set this up, click on the three dots in the upper top corner of the Chrome browser (menu) and click Settings.

Then scroll down and open the link Advanced…Expand the Advanced settings.

google chrome advanced settings

In the advanced settings of Chrome, scroll down to the heading of languages.

Click the language and Input Settings button, and a new window opens.

Here you can immediately install additional languages using the add languages button.

google chrome language advanced settings add language

Type your desired language and click the Add button to add the language to Google Chrome.

You can add as many languages as you need. Google’s translation engine allows many languages to choose from.

google chrome add language to chrome

In the same window, you can also change your preferred language.

So if you would prefer that Spain is offered as the first translation option, click the three dots right next to the language and enable the checkbox, offer to translate pages in this language.

google chrome offer translation of the page in the future

Change Google Chrome interface language

If you would like to change the language interface of Google Chrome, follow the same instructions as above to go straight to the Language advanced settings of Chrome.

Add your desired language using the Add languages button. Enable the checkbox display Google Chrome in this language.

google chrome change interface language

Click the Relaunch button, this will restart Google Chrome and the interface language is changed to the desired language you chose from the list.

google chrome interface language relaunch

Whola! Chrome rebooted and ready for use. In this example we chose Spanish, you can choose whatever language you prefer.

chrome interface language changed after relaunch

Change Google Chrome spell check settings

If you would like to enable or disable spell check for Chrome or would like to change the spell check language, you can do so from the Language settings.

Follow the same instructions as above to go straight to the Language advanced settings of Chrome.

Enable or disable the specific spell check for a language using the sliders on the right side.

google chrome change spell check language

If you would like to add another language for the spell check, you first have to add the language to google chrome as mentioned above, click here.

After you have added the language you can enable spell check for that specific language too.

Google Chrome Customised spelling

If you would like to add your own words to the Chrome spelling check without the redline, which basically means it is not written correctly or doesn’t exist in google’s spell check.

You can add these words using the customized spelling feature. Drop the Customised spelling settings.

chrome customised spelling add words

Enter the words you would like to add to exclude from the spelling check and click add a word.

So simple, you won’t regret it, those red underlined words are annoying! Now you know how to exclude them from the Chrome spell check.

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