Google Password Checkup – Check if your password has been hacked

Google password checkup checks if one of your passwords has been hacked. Google password check-up tool does this by checking your password against a database of cracked passwords known by Google.

If Google password checkup has found your password in a database of hacked passwords then password checkup gives you a notification to change the password.

How to install Google Password Checkup

Google password checkup is a free browser extension for Google Chrome that you can install from the Chrome Web Store. Install the password checkup tool from the Chrome Web Store and click the password checkup icon in the right corner of Google Chrome.

Once you got an alert from Google password checkup to change a specific password, open the Advanced Settings and click Clear extension data to remove the alert about the unsafe password.

The password checkup tool does not provide direct protection against cracking your password, the tool is only used to notify you if your password has been cracked and Google is aware of it.

google password checkup

The passwords that Google checks are the passwords that are used by the password manager in Chrome to log into websites. You do not have to enter any passwords in the password checkup application.

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