Google removes 500 rogue Chrome browser extensions from Web Store

Google has once again removed malicious browser extensions from the Google Chrome Webstore. This time it concerns a total of 500 browser extensions of which a subset has been downloaded more than 1.7 million times.

google chrome logoThe browser extensions removed from the chrome store injected code into the browser that redirects users to malicious websites.

Jamila Kaya and Jacob Rickerd ( reported that users were redirected to malware and phishing websites. Not only were users redirected, but browser data such as surfing behavior and personal data were also stolen from users who had installed the malicious browser extensions.

Google’s research added up to a total of 500 browser extensions that showed malicious behavior. These extensions have all been removed from the Google Chrome Webstore or disabled by users.

We wrote before on this deceptive kind of deceptive browser extension, for example, MediaConverterOnline promos (adware).

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