Upcoming: Google Stadia – Games in the Google Chrome web browser

Google has announced gaming through Google Chrome and YouTube. Google has made this new announcement at the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco.

google stadia logoIt is officially called Google Stadia, and it is a new way of gaming. Google Stadia was previously known as “Project Stream”.

Google will stream games via the Cloud, directly to the browser. This means a game is streamed to the browser and the rendering of the game is done entirely in the Cloud, there is no longer rendering on the user’s own device.

Streaming the game is done from Google’s own data centers, which promises speed and no-lag. According to Google, there is no lag anymore for anyone using any device, everyone has the same game experience.

According to Google, it would not matter which device you own, if Google Chrome is installed on it you can play games via Google Stadia.

There are a number of major advantages to playing games via Google Stadia, including the fact that games can now be paused. It is possible to pause games, close the tab and continue playing on another device.

It is also possible to use the new game controller that Google has also introduced to record a video of the game and share it directly on YouTube.

Google Stadia has been announced for the end of 2019, for more information please visit stadia.dev or watch the video below.



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