Download Faster with Google Chrome (Mac, Windows, Linux, Chrome OS, Android)

In this article, I’ll share a method to download faster with Google Chrome. As with all downloads, you cannot download more quickly than your internet service provider has set the download limit for your connection.

Still, this trick will help you download files faster when the server you download from is very busy.

All you have to do is open the Google Chrome flags (experimental features) and change a setting called “parallel downloading.”

How to download faster with Google Chrome

Let’s get started.

Open the Google Chrome web browser, in the address-bar type: chrome://flags/
In the “Search flags” section at the top of the experimental features, search for “parallel downloading.”

enable parallel downloading google chrome

Set the settings to “enabled” instead of “default.” Now go ahead and enjoy your faster downloads with Google Chrome.

I have set up an experiment to see if the faster downloading method for Google Chrome worked.

Below you see two screenshots, the first screenshot with parallel downloading flag disabled, and the other screenshot (same file download) with parallel downloading flag enabled.

download faster with google chrome

faster downloading google chrome

The first download was an average download speed of 13,9 MB/sec, and the second download was an average of 27MB/sec download speed which corresponds to an average of 50% increase in download speed!

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