How to Enable and Use picture-in-picture (PIP) mode in Google Chrome

In this article I explain how to enable and how to use picture in picture mode in Google Chrome for Windows, Mac, and Linux.

Google Chrome version 70 finally supports the picture-in-picture mode. With picture-in-picture (PIP) mode, for example, it is possible to play YouTube videos in the foreground while other programs, web pages or videos can be opened.

picture in picture extension
Picture in picture mode in google chrome


In a post on Google Plus, Google employee François Beaufort announces that picture-in-picture mode is now activated by default in Google Chrome version 70 and higher.

Picture-in-picture is supported for Google Chrome in Windows as well as Linux and Mac, later the official support for Chrome OS and Android will follow. However, it is possible to activate picture-in-picture for Chrome OS and Android, but it is experimental functionality.

Google Chrome’s new picture-in-picture functionality is not available on all web pages showing videos, the web page must implement functionality using the Picture-in-picture Web API to support picture-in-picture videos.

How to enable picture in picture mode in Google Chrome

The first thing you need to do is update Google Chrome to the latest version. Learn how to update Google Chrome to the latest version to add picture in picture mode to the Chrome browser. When you updated Google Chrome successfully to the latest version, picture-in-picture is available.

youtube picture in picture menu

Trigger picture-in-picture on YouTube by clicking twice with a right-click in the video window and select “Picture in Picture”.

video playing in picture in picture mode

The video is now playing in picture-in-picture mode. It is possible to drag the small video window anywhere you like, the video will stay on top.
Awesome feature!

Enable picture in picture for older Chrome versions

The Picture-in-Picture browser extension by François Beaufort makes it possible to activate picture-in-picture in older versions of Google Chrome e.g. version 69. The picture-in-picture browser extension makes it possible to use picture in picture functionality in, for example, Netflix.

picture in picture extension chrome

Installation is simple, first install the picture-in-picture extension in Google Chrome. Secondly, you need to enable three flags – settings in Google Chrome in order to make the picture in picture extension work.

Open the Google Chrome web browser.

In the Chrome address bar type, or copy – paste:
chrome://flags/#enable-experimental-web platform-features

Experimental Web Platform features

Change the Experimental Web Platform features setting to enabled.

Next, in the Chrome address bar type, or copy – paste:

Enable the use of SurfaceLayer objects for videos

Change the surfaceLayer objects for videos setting to enabled.

Again, in the Chrome address bar type, or copy – paste:


enable picture-in-picture flag

Change the Enable Picture-in-Picture setting to enabled.
Restart your web browser to complete the installation.

Enable picture-in-picture mode for Android and Chrome OS

Open the Google Chrome web browser, in the address bar type:

enable picture in picture chromeos and android

Change the Enable SurfaceLayer objects flag to Enabled.

That’s it! Restart the Chrome web browser and enjoy the useful picture in picture functionality.

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