How to Fix ERR_CONNECTION_RESET in Google Chrome

When you see the “ERR_CONNECTION_RESET” in Google Chrome there is a problem with your internet connection. ERR_CONNECTION_RESET is not an error in Google Chrome settings or with the Google Chrome browser at all. Most likely the ERR_CONNECTION_RESET error is caused by wrong internet configuration settings.

In this article, I am giving you multiple fixes for the ERR_CONNECTION_RESET error to resolve. We begin with changing DNS server settings and restoring default internet connection settings, after we are done you should any proxy settings you might have configured on your computer. Let’s begin.


In the Windows search bar, type: cmd.exe, right-click the command prompt result, and click on Run as Administrator.

cmd run as administrator

In the command prompt type: ipconfig /flushdns and press enter on your keyboard to execute the command.

ipconfig flushdns

Next, type: ipconfig /renew

ipconfig renew

Next, in the same command prompt type: netsh winsock reset

netsh winsock reset

Now we are going to configure an alternative DNS server in the network settings on your computer.

It is important to back-up your current DNS settings, right-click the Windows start button to begin. In the Windows start menu click on Settings.

windows settings

In the Windows settings click on Network & Internet settings.

network and internet settings

Next, click on Network and Sharing Center settings.

network and sharing center

Click on the Ethernet or Wi-Fi connection settings.

change internet connection

In the Ethernet or Wi-Fi connection settings click on Properties.

ethernet or wifi status

Select “Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4) and click on the Properties button.

ipv4 properties

It is important before changing settings, to back-up your IPv4 settings.

Make a screenshot or write down your current IPv4 settings, especially the DNS preferred and alternate DNS server settings.

In the Preferred DNS Server settings type: and in the Alternate DNS server settings:

ipv4 public dns settings

These DNS server settings are Google Public DNS servers.

Click OK when you are ready.

Next, In the Windows Search bar type: Internet Options and click on it.

internet options

Click on the tab: Connections. Now click on the LAN settings button. In the LAN settings, enable “Automatically detect settings” and click the OK button.

automatically detect settings internet options

Restart your computer. This was it, the ERR_CONNECTION_RESET error in Google Chrome is now fixed!

Thank you for reading.

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