This is how to import favorites in Google Chrome (Step by Step Guide)

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    Import favorites and bookmarks into Google Chrome. Changed from Internet Explorer to Chrome? Then you probably want to use your favorites from Internet Explorer in Chrome as well. Importing the most frequently used websites is done in just a few clicks.

    In the Google Chrome browser, the favorites are called differently than in Internet Explorer. They are called ‘Bookmarks.’ but in this article, I call bookmarks – favorites :).

    Importing the most frequently used websites is done in Chrome in no time at all. Proceed in this way to import the saved favorites from Internet Explorer into Google Chrome.

    Import favorites in Google Chrome

    Open the Google Chrome web browser. Click on the button with the three dots in the upper right corner. Select Settings.

    Under the heading ‘People‘ at the top, click on Import bookmarks and settings.

    import favorites in Google Chrome

    In the new window, click on the arrow to open the drop-down menu.

    Click on Microsoft Internet Explorer.

    import favorites google chrome

    Four items are ticked to be imported. You can uncheck items that you do not want to import.

    Click Import.

    The import will start immediately. When it’s finished, you’ll be notified about it. The option to always show the Bookmarks bar is not enabled default. Consider enabling the bookmarks bar by clicking the slider.

    enable bookmarks bar google chrome

    Below the address bar, you can see all the saved favorite websites. Click on a site to open it.

    Bookmarks bar

    Don’t you find the Bookmarks Bar awkward? Then right-click on an empty spot in the bar and click Show Bookmarks Bar.

    The option is turned off, and the Bookmarks bar disappears.

    The Bookmarks can now be found on the menu. Click on the menu button with the three dots.

    Move the mouse pointer to ‘Bookmarks.’

    bookmarks google chrome

    The saved websites appear again. Click on the name of a site to open it.

    Learn how to export favorites from Internet Explorer.


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