Install Google Chrome themes, how to give Chrome a fresh look

By | February 14, 2019

Google Chrome has recently added 12 new themes to install, give Google Chrome a new colorful design. The new themes for Google Chrome are color combinations that turn Chrome into a colorful but clear theme, without other images and features that might slow Chrome down.

All the themes are designed by Google – “The Chrome Team” itself, and thus optimized for the latest version of Google Chrome.

How to install Google Chrome themes

It is very simple to install themes for Google Chrome. Use Google Chrome to navigate to the Google Chrome Webstore and click on Themes.

google chrome webstore themes

Find a theme to install in Google Chrome and click on the theme. In the top right corner of Google Chrome, you will see a button Add to Chrome, click it to install the new look for Google Chrome immediately.

How to uninstall Google Chrome themes

If you don’t like the theme you can click on the Undo button immediately after installation to remove the theme from Google Chrome and restore the default theme.

undo installed theme google chrome

If you don’t see the Undo button after installation because you have already closed Google Chrome, open the Google Chrome settings or navigate to chrome://settings/ within Google Chrome.

In the Google Chrome settings, type in the search bar at the top: themes and click Reset to default to remove the installed theme and restore the default blue Google Chrome theme.

reset theme google chrome

It is a good thing that Google has now developed some nice looking themes to meet Google Chrome users. However, it is true that the Black and White theme is not the same as Dark Mode that is currently being developed for Microsoft Windows.

The themes in Google Chrome do only change the color of the Chrome browser tabs and part of the Chrome navigation keys. The settings menu, for example, remains in the old blue color.

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