How to manage bookmarks in Google Chrome – Complete Guide

Manage bookmarks in Google Chrome. A bookmark is a useful and fast way to save websites for later reference.

Bookmarks allow you to view a website if you need it again later. Managing bookmarks is a vital part; if you don’t manage bookmarks properly, the list of saved websites will quickly become cluttered.

That’s why it’s useful to know how to manage your bookmarks in Google Chrome so you can add, categorize, or delete them.

In this article, I’ll explain how bookmarks work in Google Chrome so you can manage your bookmarks in Chrome in your way.

How to manage bookmarks in Google Chrome

Adding bookmarks in Google Chrome

There are several ways to add a website as a bookmark to Google Chrome.

You can add a bookmark simply and quickly by clicking on the star icon in the Google Chrome address bar.

A menu appears in which you can choose to name the bookmark, and choose a Folder to categorize the bookmark.

add bookmark to chrome

There is also a button More visible if you press this button the bookmark manager will appear. In this manager, you can easily and quickly manage your bookmarks. More about this later.

If you have added a bookmark using the star icon in the Google Chrome address bar, the bookmarks bar is not yet visible.

Display the bookmarks bar in Google Chrome

To display your bookmarks in an extra bar under the address bar in Google Chrome, go to the Google Chrome menu, open bookmarks and select show bookmarks (CTRL+SHIFT+B).

display bookmarks bar google chrome

If the bookmarks bar is visible, you will see your saved bookmarks in Google Chrome. Of course, it is not necessary to make the bookmarks bar visible, it only makes it easier to manage and make your bookmarks visible instantly.

Bookmarks manager

The bookmarks manager can be used to easily manage bookmarks by arranging bookmarks in folders and giving these folders clear names.

Open the menu in Google Chrome, go to Bookmarks and open Bookmarks manager (CTRL+SHIFT+O) or type: Chrome://bookmarks/ in the address bar of Google Chrome.

In the bookmarks manager, you can search for bookmarks, sort bookmarks, add bookmarks, delete bookmarks, create and delete folders, import bookmarks and export bookmarks.

organize bookmarks google chrome

Search for bookmarks

Once you have opened the bookmarks manager, you can effortlessly search for bookmarks. At the top of the window, you will see Search Bookmarks, type in your search query here. If you have saved a bookmark under that specific search, Google Chrome will find it.

search bookmarks google chrome

Sort bookmarks

Bookmarks in Google Chrome can be sorted. However, Google Chrome only offers the sorting of bookmarks in alphabetical order by name.

To sort bookmarks by name in Google Chrome, click on the 3 vertical dots next to the Search Bookmarks field and select Sort by Name from the menu.

sort bookmarks google chrome

Adding bookmarks via the Bookmarks manager

In the bookmarks manager, you can also add bookmarks. You will need to provide them with a name and URL.

To add bookmarks using the bookmarks manager, click on the 3 vertical dots next to the Search Bookmarks field and select Add new bookmark from the menu.

You can also right-click in the middle of the window and select Add new bookmark from the menu.

You then enter a name and website address and click on Save.

add bookmark google chrome

Deleting bookmarks in Google Chrome

You can also delete bookmarks of course. You can do this in the bookmarks manager by right-clicking on a bookmark and choosing Delete.

You can also delete a bookmark using the bookmarks bar — Right-Click on a bookmark and select Delete. The bookmark has now been removed.

delete bookmark google chrome

Add new bookmark folder in Google Chrome

It is advisable to categorize your bookmarks into folders. If you sort bookmarks by your own categories using folders, you will keep a clear overview of all saved bookmarks.

If you want to add a new folder to the bookmarks bar then right click in the bookmarks bar and select Add folder.

add folder bookmarks google chrome

If you want to add a new folder from the bookmarks manager, click on the 3 vertical dots next to the Search bookmarks field and select Add new Folder from the menu.

Delete bookmarks folder

In the same way as adding a new folder, see above. You can also delete the Folder, select the Folder you want to delete with a right mouse click and choose Delete.

delete bookmark folder google chrome

Import bookmarks into Google Chrome

You can import bookmarks that are stored in a different web browser than Google Chrome. You can import bookmarks from Microsoft Edge, Internet Explorer, Firefox or from an exported HTML file.

To import bookmarks, open the Google Chrome menu, the 3 vertical dots, select Bookmarks and then Import bookmarks and settings.

import bookmarks google chrome

You now have the choice to import bookmarks from multiple web browsers. Select your web browser and choose Import.

import browser bookmarks google chrome

Your bookmarks from that specific web browser are now imported into a folder that you have chosen yourself. You can also choose to display the bookmarks bar immediately.

imported bookmarks google chrome

Exporting bookmarks from Google Chrome

If you want to use a different web browser, Google Chrome also offers the option to export bookmarks.

By exporting bookmarks, your saved bookmarks will be exported by Google Chrome as an HTML file, that can later be imported into another web browser.

Open the Google Chrome bookmarks manager. Click on the 3 vertical dots next to the Search Bookmarks bar and click on Export Bookmarks.

export bookmarks google chrome

You will now be asked to save an HTML file. You can use this HTML file later to import the bookmarks into another web browser or software.

export bookmarks as html google chrome

Google has made it very easy to manage bookmarks. It is therefore advisable to use bookmarks if you often look at the same websites. You can create an excellent overview of frequently viewed websites and open them later on too easily and quickly.

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