These browser extensions make Google Chrome much more fun!

There are enough extensions for Google Chrome that make browsing with Chrome better, faster, or safer. However, there are also less serious browser extensions for Google Chrome, extensions that make browsing with Chrome much more fun.

In this article, a selection of five browser extensions that make browsing with Google Chrome a lot more fun.

Tabby Cat

Who doesn’t like cats? The Tabby Cat browser extension shows on every new tab that you open in Google Chrome, a cute cat. If you want…you can even digitally pet the cat with your mouse cursor, purrr…

Tabby Cat browser extension Google chrome

Tabby Cat Chrome Webstore


The Googlifier browser extension recognizes faces and places “Googly Eyes” on them. This makes looking at faces in Google Chrome very funny, not useful but funny. Who doesn’t like Googly eyes…

Googlifier extension google chrome

Googlifier Chrome Webstore

Word Replace 2

Ready to fool somebody? Then install Word Replace 2 and replace words on every web page. In Word Replacer 2, you can replace words in the content of the website. For example, you can replace “Apple” to “Android,” every site that contains the word “Apple” will be replaced by “Android.” I’m sure you can think of much funnier combinations!

Word Replace 2 extension Google chrome

Word Replace 2 Chrome Webstore

Remove All Politics From Facebook

Also, sick and tired of all those Political statements and information on Facebook? With the “Remove All Politics” extension, you can remove news about politics and more from your Facebook timeline. You have better things to do than read the political statements of family or friends, right? Get your information from real sources instead of from your crazy uncle!

Remove All Politics Facebook extension Google Chrome

Remove Politics from Facebook Chrome Webstore

Dark Reader

The Chrome extension Dark Reader enables a dark mode for every website you encounter. In the settings, you can adjust the colors even further. The results are variable. Sites get dark without exception, but not every web design lends itself equally well to this.

Dark Reader extension Google chrome

Dark Reader Chrome Webstore

I hope you enjoy at least one of these 5 browser extensions to enrich Google Chrome. Cheers.

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