What is new in Google Chrome 76? PWA, Flash Player, Incognito mode and more

By | August 25, 2019

What’s new in Google Chrome 76?

On June 30, Google introduced a new version of the web browser, Google Chrome. Google Chrome 76 offers several improvements and new features.

Read more about the most exciting new features in Google Chrome version 76.

PWA – Progressive Web Apps

One of these new features is PWA. PWA stands for Progressive Web App and allows webmasters to offer its website the functionality of an application.

PWA offers many advantages. Progressive Web Apps take up very little disk space. PWA’s can install from the web browser, and PWA’s can work offline.

If a website supports the Progressive Web App, Google Chrome will show an install button in the Google omnibar, also known as the address bar.

pwa google chrome

Flash Player

Many websites still use Flash Player. Unfortunately for these websites, Google Chrome has now blocked the Flash Player by default.

Google Chrome now offers the option to reactivate the Flash Player using the Google Chrome settings.

To activate the Flash Player in Google Chrome, go to the Google Chrome settings, open the Site settings > Flash and set the slider to “Ask first.”

flash player settings google chrome

This way you can activate Flash on websites that require the Flash Player.

Incognito mode

Incognito mode is the mode in which Google Chrome stores as little data as possible on the device. However, it is not a private mode, websites and your ISP can still see which websites you are visiting, etc.

Incognito mode in Google Chrome 76 makes it more difficult for websites to see if you are using incognito mode.

The new Incognito mode offers a number of advantages for the user in terms of privacy. However, Incognito mode also makes it more difficult for websites to identify users who want to bypass restricted webpages such as a paywall (login screen).

Dark mode tracking for websites

Dark mode in Google Chrome exists equally, and many users have also activated Dark mode in Google Chrome.

Webmasters can change their website style for Google Chrome users who have activated the dark mode. Google Chrome allows webmasters to track dark mode users.

By using dark mode tracking, the theme on these websites is adapted to the style that is activated in Google Chrome.

Fullscreen websites

Some websites hijack the web browser. These websites open in full screen and make sure that the escape key can no longer be used. In many circumstances, you should close the web browser completely and restart the browser.

Google Chrome 76 and higher prevent websites from hijacking the escape key and making it possible at all times for users to close websites that open unwanted pages in full screen.

Activity log for extensions

If you want to know what extensions do after they are installed in your Google Chrome browser? You can now view this information in the log files of installed browser extensions.

However, you need to change the shortcut of your Google Chrome browser. By default, a shortcut refers to Chrome.exe. You need to put an argument behind it to activate Activity logging for extensions.

Chrome.exe now becomes Chrome.exe –enable-extension-activity-logging, see image below.

enable activity logging extensions google chrome

Of course, you should always update Google Chrome to the latest version for security reasons and new functionality.

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