What’s new in Google Chrome 77, Group tabs, New titles, and Share tabs

In Google Chrome version 77, several new features have been introduced in Google Chrome. These features are available in Google Chrome Android (mobile and tablet users) and Google Chrome desktop (computer users).

Grouping tabs

In the Google Chrome Android app, it is possible to group tabs. You need to click the switch tabs button, as you are used to. However, you will not see a vertical list with the opened tabs but two columns.

Then press and hold an open tab for a few seconds and drag this tab over another tab to form a group of tabs. Google allows you to group tabs by topic, something Firefox already introduced as – Collections.

Displaying titles from opened tabs

Something that bothers many computer users is that when Google chrome opens a lot of tabs, the titles of the web pages are no longer visible.

In Google Chrome 77 for desktop users, Google has solved this problem, when you hover the mouse over the title bar of an open tab, the full title of the page is displayed. Very useful if you don’t remember which page is shown under which tab.

Sharing tabs

In Google Chrome 77, you can now also share tabs with other Google devices such as an Android phone or tab. To do this, open the tab, choose to share, and select Send to device. The other device will receive notifications and can then open the same tab.

Google Chrome version 77 is already available, it is recommended to update Google Chrome to be able to use the new functionality.

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