How to set, Secure or add a password to Google Chrome?

By | February 21, 2019

How to lock Google Chrome with a password? Google Chrome had the ability to set up users as supervisors in Google Chrome. As a supervisor, you could set up a password for the Google Chrome web browser. Every time Google Chrome is opened, a password must be entered to unlock Google Chrome.

This no longer works because Google has discontinued the feature to set up a password via Google Chrome with a supervisor account.

However, initiating a password when opening Google Chrome still has several advantages, especially if the computer you are using is a computer you share with multiple people.

If you want to set a password for Google Chrome you can do so with the LockPW browser extension. In this article, I will explain step by step how to set a password for Google Chrome with LockPW.

How to add a password to Google Chrome?

First, you need to install the LockPW free browser extension. Click on the link and add the LockPW browser extension to Google Chrome.

install lockpw add password to google chrome

Next, the LockPW extension needs access to Google Chrome incognito modus.

add password to google chrome - incognito mode

Open the chrome://extension settings and scroll down to activate in incognito mode.

lockpw activate incognito permissions

In order to change or add a password to Google Chrome, open the LockPW extension settings. In the top right corner, you will see the LockPW icon, click on it and select Options from the drop-down menu.

lockpw add password to chrome options

You will see the LockPW settings, Auto Lock, Logging, Quick Click (keyboard shortcut to lock the Chrome web browser), Security mode and Minimize Chrome.

LockPW also lets you specify the maximum number of times a wrong password is provided if this amount exceeds LockPW can trigger a few actions, such as Close the Chrome browser, clear the browsing history or open an incognito profile in Google Chrome.

lockpw settings

Enter a password in the password fields, and hit Save to set up a password in Google Chrome. When you want to remove the password, click the on-off icon and remove the Google Chrome browser extension.

set up password for Google chrome

When a password is added to Google Chrome through LockPW, you will see the password-form when you start Google Chrome.

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    what do you do if forgot the password, now the brower can’t be opened without the password so no way to remove extention

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