How to Remove an extension Chrome? (Google Chrome)

Browser extensions enhance the browser experience for the browser. Browser extensions are useful enhancements to expand the Google Chrome browser with new features, integrate with additional service, and modify web pages or new tabs.

Many browser extensions are useful. Still, they do slow down the browser and some are malicious because they show intrusive ads or change the web browser homepage.

In this “how-to” do it yourself instruction I’ll show you how to remove an extension from Chrome.

How to Remove an extension Chrome? (Google Chrome)

  1. Open Google Chrome
  2. Click on the top right corner the three dots to open the Google Chrome menu
  3. In the menu, navigate to More tools > Extensions.

remove extension google chrome

Find the browser extension(s) you would like to remove from Chrome and click the “Remove” button.

If you want to make sure you are removing the browser extension you intended to remove, click the Details button.

The details button will reveal the browser extension permissions.

chrome browser extension details

Check the permissions before removing the extension. Once you identified the browser extension you can proceed.

If a browser extension is removed from Chrome the extension is gone, you will need to download and add it to Chrome once again.

chrome browser extension permissions

Now go back to the chrome://extensions page and click the Remove button.

Confirm the removal by clicking the Remove button once again.

remove browser extension chrome

Sometimes the reset of Chrome is the fastest way to disable any browser extension or remove unwanted changes in Chrome.

Reset Google Chrome to get rid of the browser extension(s)

 google chrome

select the menu button and from the menu select “Settings”.

chrome virus

Scroll down to “Advanced” and again Scroll down to Reset settings.

removal tool for chrome

Click the “Reset” button to reset Google Chrome, a new dialog appears.

delete virus adware chrome

Confirm the Reset of the chrome settings by clicking the “Reset” button.

Restart Google Chrome for the changes to take effect.

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