How to perform a Chrome virus scan with Google Chrome

By | June 14, 2018

Google Chrome has an inbuilt feature to detect and remove harmful “virus” malware software from its popular web browser. No need to download the Google Chrome Cleanup Tool, just launch the Clean up computer from the Chrome settings and start a search for viruses and other malware applications with Chrome.

Google Chrome and the PC are infected with harmful software as soon as you notice one of the following.

  • many intrusive pop-ups and web browser redirects to web pages you did not intend to visit.
  • The Google Chrome web browser homepage or the new tab is changed to an unknown web page.
  • Toolbar or unknown Chrome extension(s) are installed without your permission.
  • Omnibar search queries are redirected through an unknown or unwanted search engine.
  • Pop-ups show the PC or web browser is infected with a virus, the user should call a telephone number for support.

The Google Chrome Cleanup Tool has been replaced in October 2017 by Chrome Cleanup, a built-in version of the Cleanup Tool. The Chrome Cleanup inbuilt feature is a combination of the ESET detection technology in combination with Google’s own sandbox technology.

The new Chrome cleanup feature is not intended to replace any antivirus software but is merely designed to detect and remove malicious software that violates Google’s unwanted software policy.

Google Chrome virus scan

Launch the Google Chrome web browser. Open the Google Chrome menu from the upper top right corner using the menu button. chrome menu button
In the Google Chrome menu click Settings from the list. Scroll down to Reset and clean up and click Clean up computer.

If the Chrome cleanup feature is not yet available in your version of Google Chrome you might want to update Google Chrome to the latest version.

remove malware google chrome

Click the Find button to start the Find and remove harmful software feature in Google Chrome. The scan for malware can take a while, so leave the chrome tab open as long as the scan for harmful software is running.

find and remove harmful software google chrome

After Chrome has found malware, you can click the Remove button to remove the harmful software from Google Chrome.

remove harmful software from google chrome

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