How to Remove Purchase History from your Google Account

Did you know that Google tracks and collects all your online purchases? All your online purchases for which the proof of purchase a receipt is sent to your Gmail e-mail account are stored online by Google.

Google collects purchases for which proof of purchase is sent to your Gmail, as well as purchases made through the Appstore and your credit card.

All purchases made online can be found in an overview of online purchases in your Google Account.

In the summary of your Google Account, you can delete the online purchase history from your account, this does, however, take a while as you need to delete the purchases one by one.

How to Remove Purchase History from your Google Account

Open Google Chrome, go to the Google Purchases overview.

remove google purchase history

Select an online purchase and open the details, click the remove purchase button.

Click on the view email button and remove the receipt e-mail from your Google Mail inbox.

Google has indicated that online purchase information is not shared with advertisers.

According to Google, Google is no longer using information about online purchases for advertising purposes since the year 2017.

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