Google Chrome: Suspicious Site Reporter protects against misleading sites

A new version of Google Chrome has been released that warns Chrome users about misleading and dangerous websites.

Some websites try to mislead users by redirecting users through misleading advertising networks.
These ad networks send users to rogue ads that in some cases contain malware such as adware and ransomware.

The latest Google Chrome version combined with the Google Chrome browser extension: Suspicious Site Report by Google makes it possible to report such misleading URLs to Google.

Suspicious Site Reporter

Suspicious Site Reporter

The URL is compared to a list of previously visited URLs by the user, when the reported URL matches or resembles the original URL for example; phishing or social engineering, the URL is blocked and Google Chrome issues a warning.

Suspicious Site Reporter is a new browser extension specifically designed by Google to make it easier for users to report misleading and dangerous websites to Google.

Suspicious Site Reporter collects information about the reported website, including the website’s IP address and a screenshot of the website.

Google then evaluates the submitted website report and determines whether the website will be added to the “dangerous or misleading website” list.

The new browser extension: Suspicious Site Reporter can be downloaded here, don’t forget to update Google Chrome to the latest version.

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