How to take screenshot’s in Google Chrome without tools

In an earlier article, we explained how you could take a screenshot with Firefox. In this article, I shall explain how you can take a screenshot in Google Chrome without a browser extension or the need of any tool.

Google Chrome has several useful developer tools. These are tools that allow the advanced Google Chrome user to perform specific actions in Google Chrome, such as debugging a website or taking a screenshot.

Make sure that Google Chrome is at least updated to Google Chrome version 69 to be able to use the help program to make screenshots in Google Chrome. Learn how to update Google Chrome.

How to take screenshot’s in Google Chrome without tools

Open the Google Chrome browser. In the top right corner, open the three vertical dots, this is the Google Chrome menu.

In the Google Chrome menu open More Tools and open Developer Tools.

developer tools google chrome

Once again, in the upper top right corner, open the ‘Customize and control Devtools’ menu and select ‘run command.’

devtools google chrome

In the run command textbox type: screenshot, when you have done that, you are presented with four screenshot options.

Capture area screenshot.
Capture full-size screenshot.
Capture node screen.
Capture screenshot.

screenshot google chrome

Capture area screenshot

When you select area screenshot, you can manually select the area you would like to capture. Once you have done that, Google Chrome shall take a screenshot of the area and downloads it to your device.

Capture full-size screenshot

Full-size screenshots are saved and downloaded to your device; the whole webpage is captured into one image.

Capture node screen

Capture node screenshot shall save a screenshot of a specific element on the webpage you are trying to take a screenshot on, and you need to click the element to capture it.

Capture screenshot

The last option, namely capture screenshot, shall take a screenshot of the visible part of the webpage. Capture screenshot is only a part of the whole webpage, such as the full-size screenshot, and largely depends on your screen resolution and device.

I hope this article has helped you to easily take screenshots with Google Chrome without the need for tools or a browser extension.

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