Windows Defender Application Guard extension for Chrome & Firefox

Microsoft has launched an extension to protect Chrome and Firefox against browser attacks. The Application Guard extension ensures that untrustworthy websites are opened in a separate container created by Edge, Microsoft’s web browser.

application guard microsoft

The container should prevent any attack or malware from gaining access to the system. Windows Defender Application Guard was added to Windows 10 Professional last May and was already present in Windows 10 Enterprise.

The “application guard” technology only works with Microsoft Edge. As soon as Edge sees that the user wants to visit an unreliable website, a container is created using Microsoft’s virtualization software.

windows defender application guard extension google chrome

For other web browsers to use Application Guard, Microsoft has developed a separate browser extension for Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.

Administrators can specify a list of trusted websites. If the user visits a website that is not on this list, Application Guard will become active and the site will load into an isolated version of Edge. As soon as the user returns to a trusted website, the default browser is loaded.

The Windows Defender Application Guard extension for Chrome and Firefox is available for Windows 10 Professional, Enterprise and Education x64 (64bit) versions with 4 cores, 8GB of memory with virtualization extensions.

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