How to Enable and Show favorites bar in Internet Explorer – Tutorial

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    Internet Explorer favorites bar is not enabled by default. If you would like to see your favorite web pages pinned to the favorites bar in Internet Explorer you need to enable the favorites bar first. The Internet Explorer menu bar, favorites bar, command bar and status bar are not shown in Internet Explorer for Windows 8 and Windows 10. It is very easy to enable the favorites bar in Internet Explorer, follow instructions.

    How to Enable and Show favorites bar in Internet Explorer

    Open the Internet Explorer web browser, just under the address bar, next to the tabs in Internet Explorer right-click and select Favorites bar.

    show favorites bar internet explorer

    Once the favorites bar is visible in Internet Explorer, you can start adding web pages to the favorites bar and easily access the web pages through the favorites bar next time you start using Internet Explorer. Click the star icon on the left side to start adding the web page you are viewing to your favorites bar.

    add to favorites internet explorer

    If you would like to edit the favorite web page hyperlink in Internet Explorer, for instance, if you would like the rename the hyperlink to the favorite web page.
    Click the Star icon in the right upper corner, expand the Favorites Bar, right-click the hyperlink and select Properties from the menu. Edit the hyperlink as you wish.

    edit favorites bar internet explorer

    You can also organize the favorites in Internet Explorer, for instance, create a new folder and add the favorite web page to the new folder. Click on the arrow down icon next to Add to favorites and select Organize favorites from the menu.

    organize favorites internet explorer

    In the organize favorites editor you can add a new folder, move favorites, rename favorites or delete favorites. Remember to first expand Favorites bar before you see the favorites in the favorites bar.

    organize delete move rename delete favorites internet explorer

    Would like to export favorites in Internet Explorer?

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