How to Remove Internet Explorer from Windows 10 (Simple guide)

Learn how to remove Internet Explorer from Windows 10. Internet Explorer is out-of-date, the new Microsoft browser Edge is the successor.

Internet Explorer is no longer supported by Microsoft. I, therefore, advise you to remove Internet Explorer from Windows 10.

Removing Internet Explorer also gives users the opportunity to free up more space and ensure that file links such as attachments in email messages are opened by Edge.

Indeed, there are plenty of alternatives to Internet Explorer, namely Google Chrome the discussed Microsoft Edge, and the privacy-friendly Mozilla Firefox.

You can easily remove Internet Explorer in a few steps. In this instruction, I will explain step by step how to uninstall Internet Explorer from Windows 10.

How to remove Internet Explorer

To uninstall internet explorer click on the Windows start button. Open Settings from the Start menu.

windows start menu - settings

In the Windows settings click on Apps.

windows settings - apps

Scroll down to Related Settings. Click on Programs and Features.

related settings - programs and features

In the Programs and Features window, click in the top left corner on Enable or Disable Windows components.

turn windows features on or off

In the – Turn Windows features on or off – window, search for Internet Explorer 11, tick Internet Explorer and confirm the uninstall of Internet Explorer with Yes.

uninstall internet explorer from windows 10

Now restart the computer to complete the removal of Internet Explorer.

I hope this has helped you! Good luck!

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