Malwarebytes blocks several Fake adblockers

Malwarebytes has blocked several fake adblockers. The blocked adblockers are fake and can be downloaded from the Chrome Web Store. As a precaution, Malwarebytes blocks the domains of these adblockers, the fake adblocker browser extension is not deleted by Malwarebytes. Users of Malwarebytes will receive a message advising them to remove the malicious adblocker.

It would involve millions of fake adblocker installations, according to Malwarebytes. The browser extensions are described as uBlock Plus, Webutation, HD for YouTube, Adblocker for Youtube and more. Malwarebytes recommends to first verify the browser extension before installing an extension in Chrome, also when the extension is downloaded from the Chrome Web Store. Check the Chrome extension permissions and read the End User License Agreement before installing a browser extension.

fake adblocker

Fake adblocker installation in Chrome.

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