New: Mozilla Fenix, a new browser for Android by the end of 2019

By the end of 2019, Mozilla will stop developing Firefox on Android devices. Mozilla will replace Firefox with Fenix, a completely redesigned web browser for Android.

Fenix will be developed using a new source code but will still use the GeckoView library just like Firefox Focus.

Mozilla Fenix changes and new features

mozilla fenix logoThere is a noticeable change in Mozilla Fenix, in contrast to Firefox, where the address bar has been moved from top to bottom of the screen. It is very user-friendly to place the address bar at the bottom of the screen as it is the most convenient place to tap it with your fingers.

In addition to adjusting the address bar, other browsing functionalities are also addressed.
For example, Mozilla Fenix allows users to create tab groups, a QR scanner is added, online trackers and advertisements are blocked by default, and users can paste a copied hyperlink directly into the address bar.

Mozilla Fenix release date

There is no final release date for Fenix yet. However, rumors whisper that Fenix could – maybe – become available for Android users by the end of 2019. Who knows, we’ll keep you updated.

Users who can’t wait for Fenix can download the Fenix APK-file for testing purposes – direct download link.

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