NordVPN CyberSec review: How Good is it? Does it work? We tested it!

NordVPN CyberSec. CyberSec is promoted by NordVPN as an ad-blocker and an internet filter that blocks unwanted pop-ups and dangerous websites such as phishing webpages. Sounds great, but does it work?

We tested the CyberSec NordVPN functionality. We’ll read more about the test later, but let’s start with what the Cybersec functionality is and how NordVPN uses it to protect you online from unwanted ads, malware, and even botnets.

nordvpn cybersec review

What is Cybersec?

CyberSec is a filter that NordVPN has introduced in their software version The CyberSec filter works at the system level and not through the web browser, so no external software needs to be installed to use this kind of online protection.

I think that’s a plus, most ad blockers require a browser extension that you need to install in the web browser.

How does NordVPN Cybersec work?

Cybersec checks every request from your computer or web browser. If you type in a domain name via the web browser and visit it, a DNS request is sent to a DNS server.

Cybersec checks this request and compares it against a constantly updated list of dangerous IP addresses and domain names. If NordVPN Cybersec finds a match between your request via your NordVPN connection and their updated malware list, this request will be blocked.

What does NordVPN CyberSec protect me from?

NordVPN says users are protected from unwanted ads, online tracking services, malware, dangerous domains, and botnets. That is, however, when Cybersec is activated and a VPN connection is established.

The unwanted ads are blocked by a list known to NordVPN. The dangerous domains and known malware websites are also blocked based on a constantly updated list. Also, NordVPN protects against botnets, i.e. if your computer is or is infected with malware trying to connect to a botnet, NordVPN detects and blocks this connection.

So, not only if your computer becomes a member of a botnet by malware, but also if the computer is already infected with botnet malware and connects. Very useful, and it works well, a feature that many other VPN providers do not have.

NordVPN CyberSec tested

Blocking ads with NordVPN CyberSec

First I start with the advertisement blocker test. How good is the cybersec functionality at blocking ads? I show you before and after images, on which you can see for yourself how many advertisements are blocked by NordVPN.

I use the web browser Google Chrome for this test.

In this test, you will see the website I have marked the advertising blocks red and the status of the NordVPN green. You can see here that there is no connection to the VPN and that there are two advertisement blocks loaded on the website.

nordvpn cybersec ads blocking

After NordVPN is connected to Cybersec I visit the website again.

The advertising blocks have disappeared, cybersec has filtered out the advertisements and the website appears to load a lot faster. As the ad-blocking is happening through NordVPN CyberSec this does not slow down the web browser.

nordvpn cybersec blocked ads

Blocking ads with Cybersec works very well, it is a great alternative to adblocker software such as Adblock Plus etc.
Go to NordVPN for more information.

Blocking malware with NordVPN CyberSec

When we talk about malware blocking, this means – in the case of NordVPN – blocking websites and IP addresses that lead to malware such as ransomware, adware and potentially unwanted software.

What Cybersec does is block these websites to prevent malware-related websites from loading at all. In my experience with malware, I know a number of domains that refer users to malware sites. These are advertising platforms that are used by adware applications.

In this video example, I use the domain, at you can see that cobalten is related to malware.


In the following video, you will see how the malware domain cannot be reached with cybersec activated.


Cybersec from NordVPN thus blocks specific domains related to the distribution of malware, such as rogue advertising networks. This way, you avoid being infected with malware or adware.

Adware is a big problem, adware is just the grey area between what is allowed for advertisers and what is not. Adware is therefore very similar to malware, advertisers who distribute adware use techniques that are also used by malware to prevent detection.

NordVPN Cybersec detects and blocks connection to known adware services.


CyberSec from NordVPN is very good. It protects against unwanted ads, adware, and dangerous ad networks.

We used CyberSec and there is no website in our test period that caused problems. All websites were displayed correctly and there were no problems with page loading, javascript or the appearance of these webpages.

The conclusion is that NordVPN has introduced an excellent product for the average internet user with CyberSec.
Technical knowledge is not required.

Read more about NordVPN.

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