Opera browser version 67 introduces DNS over HTTPS functionality

Opera has introduced a new version Opera 67 of the Opera browser (R2020). The new Opera browser provides DNS over HTTPS (DoH). DNS over HTTPS offers users extra protection because DNS requests can no longer be viewed or modified.

Joanna Czajka from Opera says, “DoH is a way to improve the privacy and security of Opera users. DNS over HTTPS prevents wiretapping and manipulation of DNS data using man-in-the-middle attacks by encrypting the data between the browser and DNS server”.

For the vast majority of internet users, the DNS server of their own provider is used to query websites. If DNS is used over HTTPS in Opera, the user can choose from a list of providers. This prevents the user’s own internet provider from accessing or manipulating DNS data.

Opera 67 with DNS over HTTPS (DoH) is available for download from the official Opera site.

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