New: Password Generator in Firefox – How to Enable?

Mozilla has developed a password generator in the test version of Firefox – Firefox 69, code name: Firefox Nightly.

The password generator is announced after the announcement of LockWise’s password manager in Firefox.

Lockwise allows users to save and manage passwords in Firefox. The passwords can also be accessed from other devices if the user has a Firefox account.

To test the password generator in Firefox Nightly 69 the website needs to have an HTML code attribute autocomplete = new-password to detect the password generator field. Mozilla wants to show the password generator in the future for password fields that do not have the attribute named “new-password”.

Password generator testing in Firefox Nightly 69

You can test the password generator before the official release of Firefox 69 which has been announced for September this year.

Download Firefox Nightly (version 69).

In the address-bar type: about:config. Accept the warning and search for: signon.generation.available

firefox signon.generation.available

Click the Toggle button and set to True.

In the Firefox menu, click Options, search for passwords and check the “Suggest and generate strong passwords” box to enable the password generator in Firefox.

suggest passwords firefox

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