How to Reset Microsoft Edge and Chromium Edge (UPDATED)

In this article, I explain how to reset Microsoft Edge and Chromium Edge to default original settings.

Reset Microsoft Edge

reset microsoft edge - apps and features

Right-click the start button in Windows 10, from the start menu top click Apps and Features.

reset microsoft edge - advanced options

Scroll down through the right Apps and Features list till you see Microsoft Edge, click Advanced options.

reset microsoft edge windows 10

Click on the Reset button to reset Microsoft Edge to default settings. Microsoft Edge reset will clear the browsing history, cookies, and settings not the Edge favorites.

Reset Chromium Edge

Open Chromium Edge browser. In the top-right menu, open Settings.

chromium edge settings

In the left menu click on Reset Settings. In the Reset Chromium settings, click on Restore settings to their default values. Click Reset to confirm Chromium Edge reset.

reset chromium edge browser

Enjoy a clean Edge browser experience!

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