How to restore recently closed tabs in Safari for Mac, iPad, and iPhone

Safari the web browser for Mac, iMac, Macbook, iPad or iPhone on MacOS or iOS gives users the opportunity to navigate the internet, also known as the world wide web. Because Safari is the standard web browser for iOS and Mac OS, you can easily open URLs and other links directly in this web browser. However, you may accidentally close a web page or tab. Do you know you can also easily reopen these closed web pages or tabs in Safari?

Of course, you can search for the web page in your browsing history after closing it, but it is just a little easier to re-open the closed tab immediately after you closed it accidentally I presume. Sometimes it is even possible to restore the input text or content you’ve added to that specific closed webpage.

How to restore recently closed tabs in Safari for Mac, iPad, and iPhone

Restore closed tabs in Safari on Mac OS

Open Safari and click the plus button in the right corner of the tab in the Safari web browser. Hold, till you see the list with recently closed tabs. Now drag the mouse pointer down while holding the click and choose a page from the list to open it.

restore closed tab safari mac

You may also want to open the recently closed tabs from the Safari menu on Mac.

Open Safari, in the menu, open History and expand the Reopen Closed menu.

reopen closed tabs in safari mac

Restore closed tabs in Safari on iOS – iPad, and iPhone

restore closed tabs safari iosOpen Safari and click on the squares in the bottom right corner in Safari on an iPhone.
When you use an iPad, you can click and hold the plus-icon in the bottom center of Safari

Next, Safari opens an overview of recently visited web pages.
Tap and Hold the plus-icon for a few seconds on iPhone.

Safari will open a new tab with recently closed tabs on your iPad or iPhone.

Now you can view the recently closed tabs and reopen these tabs by clicking on them.

What if you don’t see any recently closed tabs?

Restoring closed tabs in Safari only works if Safari has not been closed, this means you are only able to restore tabs in Safari when Safari is active in the current session. When you want to view the recently visited web pages, you need to open the Safari History.

To view the Safari History, open Safari, from the menu open History and click or tab Show All History or press ⌘+Y key simultaneously on your Mac keyboard.

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