iOS 11: How to close all Safari open tabs at once, iPhone and iPad.

By | March 16, 2018

Your iPhone or iPad is packed with small useful features and iOS options and settings. Some features are visible to the user in an instant, others you might need to look out for. One of those features that save iPhone or iPad memory is, how to close all tabs open in Safari at once?

When you have a lot of tabs or pages open in iOS Safari, you can manually close them one by one. This does take some time, but it’s doable. However, from iOS 11 Apple has included a feature to close all open tabs and pages at once, straight from Safari.

How to close all Safari open tabs at once, iPhone and iPad.

The technique works for both iOS Safari on an iPhone and an iPad.

    • Open Safari, if not open already!
    • Press with your finger on the two squares in the right bottom corner. Keep your finger on the squares for a few seconds.
    • a pop-up menu will appear with the number of web pages and tabs open.
  • Click Close All {#} Tabs or Close This Tab.

close all tabs safariHold the two squares in the right bottom corner

how to close all tabs safari iphone ipadClose the # of tabs

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