The 6 most useful Safari browser extensions you should try!

By | March 13, 2018

If you want to enhance Safari with useful new features, safari browser extensions could do just that. In this article, I’ll show 6 super useful Safari browser extensions that will get just that extra out of the Safari browser. Try these browser extensions. Using Safari browser extensions, you can further expand the Safari browser features and make internet surfing with Safari just that bit easier!Since the release of Safari version 5.0. It is possible to enhance Safari with browser extensions. Before I’ll show you the browser extensions, I will explain how to manage the browser extensions within Safari for Mac OS.

Where do I manage Safari browser extensions?

By default, Safari has no browser extensions installed. Safari on Mac OS comes in clean, without any extension pre-installed on your Mac. However, if you would like to manage browser extensions that are installed, you can find the Safari browser extensions using the following steps.

Open the Safari browser, open the Safari menu, click on Preferences and go to Extensions tab. From the extensions tab, you can add, remove, uninstall browser extensions from Safari.

manage safari browser extension

Widgets bar

Widgets Bar is a Safari extension that allows the user to view the current weather, a world clock, today’s date and RSS feeds using a handy toolbar.

Download Widgets bar extension for Safari Mac OS

widgets bar safari mac os extension


With the safest search engine DuckDuckGo, the user can search the Web without leaving any traces. According to the authors, the results provide more useful links and you can also use the Safari search box for DuckDuckGo.

Download Duckduckgo extension for Safari Mac OS

DuckDuckGo browser extension safari mac os


On some web pages, the articles are scattered across multiple pages, so you have to click through to the next pages endlessly. With this autopagerize browser extension, you can make sure that the next page is loaded automatically, so you can just keep scrolling without clicking. Inifite scrolling is very useful.

Download autopagerize extension for Safari Mac OS

autopagerize browser extension safari mac os

Save to Pocket

Pocket is one of the easiest ways to save Web pages for later reading. All pages you save are also synchronized with your iPhone and iPad, so you can access them at any time. It even works without an internet connection. The Alternative is Pickpocket for Pocket.

Download Save to Pocket extension for Safari Mac OS

Save to Pocket browser extension for Safari Mac OS


Do you use passwords? Who doesn’t? Then this 1Password extension is one of the most convenient you can install. 1Password is a popular password manager that allows you to securely log in to websites. You can also generate strong passwords and automatically save the password with this extension.

Download 1Password extension for Safari Mac OS

1password extension for safari mac os



Hover your mouse over images or links to enlarge photos or to preview videos and websites. Very useful for all kind of web pages such as Facebook, Twitter etcetera.

Download HoverSee extension for Safari Mac OS

HoverSee browser extension safari mac os

If you encounter any malware problems with Safari on Mac OS. Click here for Mac OS malware removal instructions.

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