3 Easy methods to add a website to Safari reading list – Mac, iPhone, iPad

By | February 7, 2019

Safari, the web browser for Mac, iPhone, iPad has the ability to add websites and other media to a reading list. This reading list makes it possible to read articles, websites, pdf-files etc. later.

You do not place the website in your favorites but in a reading list. A very handy way to read articles later. You can easily add and remove the web pages from the reading list when you are done reading them without a need to clean up duplicate bookmarks when only one article needs to be read.

The reading list in Safari can be found on a Mac at the top of the menu next to the website navigation. In Safari on an iPhone or iPad, you will find the reading list at the bottom of the navigation buttons. The image below shows you where the reading list icon is located in Safari for Mac OS, the icon is identical on an iPhone or iPad.

reading list safari

There are three ways to add websites to the reading list.

Add website to reading list in Safari

The first simple method is to click on the Share icon in Safari and then choose to Add to reading list. The URL you currently have open will be added to the reading list in Safari.

add to reading list safari

The second method to add a URL to the reading list is to open the Safari menu, which is located at the top. In the menu open Bookmarks and then choose to Add to reading list.

safari menu add to reading list webpage

The third method to add a URL, file or other media to the reading list is to select it with the mouse by clicking on it and then dragging it to the left side of the Safari window.

drag url to reading list safari

A reading list will open and you can add the website there.

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