How to sort Safari tabs on iPad OS by title and website

iPad OS has recently been introduced by Apple. iPad OS contains several useful tips to make the use of an iPad on different applications a lot more user-friendly.

In this article, I will explain how you can easily and quickly sort the tabs in the Safari web browser by title and by a website. You can also sort tabs by pressing and dragging them in the desired order.

Since iPad OS, it is also possible to sort tabs in Safari automatically.

Sorting tabs in Safari iPad OS

Open the Safari browser, place your finger on a tab in the tabs bar. This will open a menu with two ways to sort tabs.

safari ipad os arrange tabs

Arrange tabs by title and Arrange tabs by website.

An extra tip for opening a link in a new tab is to hold your finger on the link and drag it to the tabs bar. The link will immediately open in a new tab on the tabs bar in the Safari web browser on an iPad with iPad OS.

1 thought on “How to sort Safari tabs on iPad OS by title and website”

  1. Avatar

    This is the dumbest thing Apple has ever invented, since it has no way to undo the arrangement once it’s been implemented.
    Like many of Apple’s gestures, this was implemented by mistake and now all my tabs are in website or title order after researching one item across several websites. This is total chaos!
    At the very least, they should have “by date/time opened” as an option, or an “undo” option.

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