Automatically open downloaded files on Mac Safari

In Mac Safari a downloaded specific file is opened automatically. Some users would like to open downloaded files automatically, in this instructions I am showing the user how to enable or disable the features files open automatically after downloading using Safari on Mac OS.

Of course, it may be useful to automatically open the downloaded photo in the preview so you can view or edit it immediately. But when you download files often it can also be annoying. Fortunately, as a Mac OS user, you have two choices what to do with the file after the download.

How to Automatically open downloaded files on Mac Safari?

  • Open the Safari browser
  • Goto the Safari menu
  • Click Safari
  • Click Preferences
  • Goto tab: General

Automatically open downloaded files on Mac Safari

Now check the “Open safe files after downloading” option to automatically open the files, or turn it off when you want to disable automatic open files after download.

Note, only safe files can be opened automatically. Apple tells you that movies, images, sound files, archive files, PDF, and text files are safe. All other files and, for example, applications must be opened and checked manually.

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