Disable or change location notifications in Safari for Mac

A website may want to know your location when you visit it or use a particular feature in some cases. The location is then based on your wifi network or networks in the neighbourhood.

As soon as a website wants to know your location, a pop-up message appears in which you can give your permission. This notification appears every time a website requests your location. The website asking for your location can be annoying. You can limit the notifications by remembering your choice for one day or turning it off completely. You can also link the option to a website, so you only have to set it up once.

Manage location notifications in Safari for Mac

  • Open Safari
  • Navigate to the menu bar
  • Click on ‘Safari’ and then on ‘Preferences’
  • Open the ‘Websites’ tab
  • Click on ‘Location’ in the navigation column

manage location notifications in safari mac

Next, a list of websites that have already requested your location will open. Next to each item, you can then set whether the website can always use your location or ask for it every time. You can also choose to deny access to your location.

At the bottom of the overview of all websites, you can set your choice for all the websites you still have to visit. Again you can choose between ask, deny or always.

If you choose the Ask option, Safari will always ask if you want to share your location with the website. You can then choose to remember the choice for one day. This means that your choice will be saved for 24 hours when a website asks for your location. If you revisit the website within that time, you will not have to give permission again.

Can’t find this option? Then you still have an older version of macOS/OS X installed. You can then access this option via Safari ▸ Menu bar ▸ Safari ▸ Preferences ▸ Privacy. Here you can manage the option “Use of location by websites”.

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