Prevent Safari from requesting permission for Downloads

By | January 12, 2020

Since macOS Catalina, the Safari browser asks you for permission when you try to download something from a new website.

In this tip, I explain how to disable that download notification in Safari for Mac.

safari logoApple has built a download alert into Safari to prevent all kinds of unwanted software from being installed on your Mac that you did not intentionally download.

You can disable the notifications if you are sure all the software you download from a specific site is harmless.
It would be best if you had macOS Catalina or newer to disable the notifications. This notification is not present in previous versions of macOS.

Follow the steps below to disable the warning.

Open Safari and click Settings in the top left corner of the Safari menu. Go to the Websites tab. In the left column, choose Downloads.

download permissions safari

You will find a drop-down menu at the bottom right. By default, Ask is listed here. Change it to Allow.

If necessary, choose different permission for each specific website listed.

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