Enable Private modus, Enable Do-Not-Track and Block Cookies in Safari

    Enable private mode in Safari on an iPhone or iPad with iOS. If you enable private mode in Safari on iOS, data such as search history, websites visited and automatically filled in form data is not saved on the device.

    The private mode in Safari resembles incognito mode in Google Chrome. All website and local data that indicates the use of Safari is not saved in private mode.

    Activating Private Mode in Safari on an iPhone with iOS

    To activate private mode in Safari, open Safari and press the overlapping squares at the bottom. This opens an overview of recently opened web pages.

    safari - activate private modus

    Press Private at the bottom left to enter the private mode in Safari. A window will now appear with information about the Safari private mode and Safari will turn grey or dark in color.

    The dark grey color means that Safari is open in private mode.

    safari enable private mode

    To deactivate the private mode in Safari tap the squares and the Private button again, Safari will now be white in color and will function in normal mode.

    Activate Do Not Track and block cookies in Safari for more privacy

    Sometimes the private mode is not enough when it comes to online privacy for some users.

    Safari, therefore, supports two options to prevent tracking, namely; do not track and blocking cookies. Both do not track and blocking cookies may prevent part of the online tracking of Safari users, but may also cause problems for certain websites as many websites need cookies for the best user experience.

    Activate Do Not track in Safari

    To activate do not track in Safari go to Settings, Safari and in the subject: Privacy & Security tap on Ask Websites Not to Track me.

    enable do not track safari

    Blocking cookies in Safari

    Cookies are used to store data that can be used to store settings, preferences, etc. when returning to a website. Blocking cookies also prevent certain websites from storing advertising preferences or tracking cookies on your device.

    This makes it a lot harder for websites and online services to track you online or provide you with advertisements.

    To block cookies in Safari on iOS, open Settings, Safari and in the subject: Privacy & Security, tap Block All Cookies.

    block cookies safari ios

    In the following instruction, you will see how to remove browser history and website data from Safari.


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