3 Tips to Fix a Slow responding Safari browser on iPhone or iPad

By | February 8, 2019

Safari on an iPhone or iPad can become slower and slower for a number of reasons. You may notice this when working with the web browser, for example when websites and the new tab open slowly or when the Safari web browser crashes for no apparent reason.

The Safari web browser becomes slow if it has to store too much data that should actually speed up its use. Cache data is meant to load websites faster by loading specific data from the iPhone or iPad instead of downloading the website again.

However, if too much cache is stored on the iPhone or iPad and there are many open tabs active in Safari, the user experience of Safari is experienced as slow.

In this article, I show you 3 ways to make a slow Safari faster again in iOS on an iPhone or iPad.

3 Tips to Fix a Slow responding Safari browser on iPhone or iPad

Close Safari active Tabs

The largest users of active processes in Safari are the tabs that remain open after the user has visited other websites. The active tabs in Safari all hold some memory on the device which can cause significant delays in the Safari web browser.

Open Safari, in the right bottom corner, and tap the two boxes to open the active tab view. In order to close the tab, tap the close button in the left top corner of the tab or swipe the open tab from the right to the left.

Want to close all Safari tabs at once?

close tabs in safari iphone ipad

Turn off Sync Safari tabs

iCloud is an Apple service to synchronize data. This means that both tabs and bookmarks are synchronized between devices associated with the same AppleID.

This synchronization can cause a slow Safari experience. So if you don’t want to use opening tabs on other Apple devices you can disable iCloud synchronization for Safari.

Goto Settings, iCloud (AppleID) and disable Safari.

disable safari icloud

Clear Safari Cache files on iPhone and iPad

As explained before, too many cache files can cause a slow Safari experience. Emptying the cache has no effect on bookmarks or saved passwords etc.

To empty the cache go to Settings, Safari, scroll down to Clear History and Website Data and confirm.

clear history and website data safari ios

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