How do I get rid of a pop up on safari? adware removal instructions

Your Mac is a masterpiece, and every one that owns a Mac would like to keep it that way. Do get Mac’s infected with adware? Unfortunately, the answer is yes, especially the Safari web browser. Since the popularity of Apple products, scammers such as deceptive advertisers and suspicious advertisement networks target the Safari web browser with pop-ups and adware. When a Mac is infected with adware, the inbuilt web browser Safari is showing advertisements and is redirected through a variety of pop-ups. There are many examples or pop-ups that often occur when the Safari web browser on Mac is infected, for example, Your Mac be Infected scam pop-up, fake virus infected tapsnake virus pop-up.

fake flash player popup on safari macThe pop-ups on a Mac are often employed to sell the user potentially unwanted programs, install more adware with a fake Flash Player update pop-up or scare the Safari user their Mac is infected with a virus.

Adware is most likely responsible for the pop-up in Safari. Adware is software designed to infect Mac’s during the installation of software you can download from the internet. Adware is what we call bundled with software as a third party offer. Bundle implies it is offered to the visitor during installation, however, the offer is barely visible and therefore installed without the user’s consent.

As soon as adware is presenting unwanted pop-ups in Safari, people often notice something is wrong and their Mac might be infected with malware.

How do I get rid of a pop up on safari?

browser extension

Safari has the ability to add browser extensions to the web browser. Browser extensions are designed to enhance the Safari web browser with new features or functionality. However, adware is known to secretly install browser extensions that only have one purpose, show pop-ups and alter the homepage and search engine on Safari. It is important to check for any browser extension in Safari and remove the extension if you never intended or did install an extension.

Open Safari, in the top, left corner click Safari and Preferences or press Command key (⌘) + , (comma). Click the Extensions tab and verify if Safari has an extension installed you don’t know or need. Click Uninstall to remove the extension from Safari.

browser extension removal safari

clear Safari cache and remove potentially unwanted applications

Just as all other web browsers Safari saves caches on your Mac. Some web pages that are compromised or designed to display intrusive pop-ups in Safari are known to place the cache on your Mac that might cause pop-ups. Also. potentially unwanted programs such as Mac Adware Cleaner (which is malware) are known to display intrusive pop-ups in Safari on a Mac. With CleanMyMac you can clear the Safari cache and pop-ups from showing on a Mac.

cleanmymac clean safari browser

CleanMyMac also includes features as a Safari extension removal tool, potentially unwanted program uninstall tool and more tools to optimize and protect your Mac from Adware and the associated pop-ups in Safari.

extension removal cleanmymac uninstall potentially unwanted programs with CleanMyMac

CleanMyMac is highly advised to optimize and protect your Mac.

remove malware on Mac with Malwarebytes

Another great application to protect your Mac against adware and popups is Malwarebytes. Malwarebytes is designed to detect and remove the latest malware threats that infect a Mac. As we know adware is software designed to show many unwanted pop-ups, redirects in the Safari web browser.

Malwarebytes for Mac remove popup safari

Malwarebytes will remove the adware responsible for the popup in Safari. However, Malwarebytes is like an antivirus for your Mac and does nothing to optimize your Mac as CleanMyMac does. If you think your Mac is highly infected with adware, try Malwarebytes for free.

malwarebytes for mac trial license

Malwarebytes offers a 30-day premium trial license, which includes real-time protection. After 30-days Malwarebytes reverts back to the free version, which does not include real-time protection but is still able to detect and remove adware from your Mac PC and Safari web browser for free.

I hope this information was useful to you. The information in this article should have helped you get rid of pop-ups in Safari for a Mac. Have a question or leave a reply, use the comments below this article.

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