Manage preferences and settings per website in Safari Mac OS

By | June 15, 2018

Safari on a Mac lets you manage settings for a specific website. This way you can personalize a website and customize the settings for a specific website within Safari. The settings you can manage per website include reader view, blocking content, automatic video playback, access to the webcam, your location, zooming and access to the microphone.

Manage settings per website in Safari

Each time you open a webpage in the Safari web browser a different permission notification is shown. These permission notices may vary, sometimes the web page asks for permission to start the webcam, have access to your location or asks for permission to allow access to your location. In the Settings for this website, you can manage a few of those permissions right from the webpage itself.

Open the Safari web browser on the Mac, navigate to the website of your choice to manage the preferences for that specific website. Click Safari from the Mac menu, click Settings for this website.

settings for this website permissions safari

Safari opens a new drop-down menu in the middle of the Safari browser window with the permissions you can manage directly from the web browser.

safari manage permission per website

When you visit the website once again, you have the possibility to change the permissions to make sure Safari uses reader view when it’s is available, enable content blockers, automatically zoomed in or to allow or block auto-playback of video content. If you would like to enable the Camera by default on that website or enable the Microphone you can manage the setting right from this menu. Location permissions should only be changed if you know what you are doing. If a website asks for permission to view your location make sure why the website needs your location. If you would like to change the location permissions for Safari on that specific website you can change it from here.

If you want to change the notifications per website that ain’t possible. In order to manage the notification permissions in Safari on a Mac, you need the website permissions in the Safari menu. Read on for more information about notifications and more permissions.

Manage settings for all websites in Safari

In the first chapter, I had show you how to manage permissions per or for a specific website in Safari. However, not all permissions Safari has to offer are to be found in the “Settings for this website” menu. Safari has more permissions you can manage for all websites you visit.

Open the Safari menu, click Preferences go to tab: Websites. In this permissions menu, you can manage the following permissions, reader, content blocker, auto-play, page zoom, camera, microphone, location, and notifications.

safari mac manage permissions for all websites

The permissions for the website that is currently open in Safari are visible in the right panel. You can manage the permissions right from the panel for that specific webpage. Select a permission in the left “General” menu and choose what to do.

manage permission safari for all websites

When you have selected a permission in the General tab e.g. Reader or Auto-Play, in the right bottom corner there is a line “When visiting other websites” if you set this setting to Allow, all other websites have access to the Microphone. Not recommended, just an example! You can change these permissions for all website in the General tab on the left side.

This is how to manage permissions for all websites in Safari on a Mac, any questions? Leave a comment below.
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