Remove and Close pop-ups in Safari on iPhone, iPad or iPod for iOS

By | June 11, 2018

When iPhone, iPad or iPod user’s visit the internet through their iOS device, pop-ups are a real threat to their device. Most often the pop-ups in Safari try to lock the Safari browser and force the user to click on OK, call a scam telephone number or tells the user he or she has won an iPhone, or the user is randomly selected to test a new iPhone. 

These pop-ups in Safari on an iOS device are scams that try to convince the user into something malicious. The pop-ups have bad intentions are also very irritating as it is often hard to close the pop-up in Safari for an iOS device. In these instructions, I’ll explain how to close the pop-up on an iPhone, iPad or iPod device.

The problem with the pop-ups is that they keep coming back to the screen when you use Safari. You can’t close the web page because you can only tap one button and they will appear over and over again. Below you can read some solutions for this hugely annoying problem.

apple support scam pop-up

Remove and Close pop-ups in Safari on iOS

Turn your iPhone, iPad or iPod in airplane mode. In order to do so, go to Settings and turn on Airplane mode. Now open Safari, click a few times on the pop-up message and wait for Safari to ask to block the pop-up. Turn of airplane mode and you are ready to use Safari again.

If the pop-ups keep coming back in Safari, click the home button twice on your iOS device and close the Safari web-browser using the task manager in iOS. Wipe the Safari screen upwards to close the Safari web-browser on iOS.

Once the Safari web-browser is closed, go to Settings, scroll down to Safari, in the right menu panel scroll down to Advanced and turn off Javascript. Open Safari and navigate to a web page of your choice. If the pop-up is gone, enable Javascript again in Advanced settings for Safari.

If the pop-up problem still remains, open Settings, scroll down to Safari, in the right menu panel scroll down to Advanced, click Website Data and click on Removal all website data. The pop-up in Safari should be gone now! Close all tabs in Safari to make sure the malicious pop-up web page doesn’t occur again.

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