How to Remove duplicate bookmarks from Safari on a Mac?

After years of use, Safari can become contaminated with duplicate bookmarks. By allowing Apple to synchronize different devices with each other using an iCloud account, bookmarks from different devices can be swapped. This leads to duplicate bookmarks in Safari. In This article, I’m focusing on the duplicates in Safari on a Mac.

The cause is usually synchronizing the Safari bookmarks using the iCloud ID on different devices such as an iPhone, iPad, and Mac devices. This can cause a lot of irritation among Apple users. Safari itself does not offer an immediate solution to remove all duplicates at once, unfortunately. In this article, you can use software or manually organize and delete the bookmarks in Safari as needed.

How to Remove duplicate bookmarks from Safari on a Mac?

Remove duplicate bookmarks from Mac Safari automatically

BookMarkApp designed by Ruslan Hakimzhanov is a paid piece of software that can remove bookmark duplicates from Safari with 1 press of a button. You can quickly identify duplicate bookmarks, delete all duplicate bookmarks with a click, or selectively delete the Safari bookmark one at a point. The BookMarkApp is the tool for organizing your Safari bookmarks. BookMarkApp is unlike a lot of other software High Sierra ready!

BookMarkApp remove duplicate bookmarks Safari Mac
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Manually remove duplicate bookmarks from Safari on a Mac

It is also possible to manually remove duplicate bookmarks from Safari. It is a method that takes some time. It is possible to select and delete duplicate bookmarks from Safari one by one. You choose the bookmark from the list and select the right-click Delete. The bookmark has now been deleted.

What might even go faster is to create a new folder at the Safari bookmarks. Then drag the unwanted duplicate bookmark(s) into the newly created folder. When you are finished click on the new folder and select Delete. All duplicate bookmarks in this new folder are now deleted. To clean up your Mac, we’ve created a comprehensive instruction. In This instruction, you will find even more tips on Mac & Safari. Continue to: Clean up Mac from adware and make it faster.

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