Remove specific website from your Safari history

When using the Safari application on your iPhone, IPad, and Mac, every visited website will be registered in Safari history. This allows you to easily search for previously visited websites and will also be easier to consult for later use. However, for whatever reason, you may want to delete a specific website from history. An example may be some websites you’ve visited looking for a gift for someone, this is something you don’t want the person to see ;-).

Fortunately, you can erase these websites without any difficulty, without deleting the entire history.

Clear a specific website from history via IOS

Open Safari on your iPhone or iPad

  • Tap the booklet in the toolbar
  • Open The History tab (clock)
  • Swipe right-to-left on the website you want to delete
  • Tap Delete to permanently remove it from the list

Erasing Websites from Safari history on Mac

Open the Safari browser on your MAC, click History in the menu bar, and choose Show full history. Then, with a right-click, click on the website you want to delete and choose “Delete “. This way you can also select multiple websites (using the command ⌘ key) and then delete them at once using the right click and delete.

remove specific website from safari history

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